Custom SVR Weightlifting Platforms TITANIUM Series Combo





Coaches, Athletic Directors and athletes find our USA Made Custom SVR Weightlifting Platform TITANIUM Series by AMERICAN PLATFORMS are extremely durable, tough made all-rubber platforms. Our weightlifting platforms are low profile – 19mm thick, which reduces sound and vibration by more than 50%. You will find our Extreme Platforms are Rhino Tough and will last for many years. Protect your floors and weights or bumper plates from drops in your team’s school weight rooms, fitness center, or home gym with our SVR all-rubber weightlifting platforms.

The Custom SVR Weightlifting Platform TITANIUM Series size is 6′ x 8′ and zero maintenance is required, with the insert size custom fit according to the dimensions that you provide. We custom fit our SVR all-rubber weightlifting platforms to fit all brands of strength equipment. We have produced hundreds of rack types, half racks, full racks, double racks, monster racks, multi-connected racks, and several other configurations.

We also produce custom weightlifting platforms with inserts to fit all Rogue™ Racks and Sorinex™ Rack systems.

Weightlifting Platform Logos – Your new SVR Weightlifting Platforms can be fitted with our Extreme Platform Logos. We have produced hundreds of High School and University team logos for weight lifting platforms and rubber flooring logos. Our proprietary logo solutions offer extreme durability, with over 1,000 color options to produce custom logos, mascots, and other applications. Until our solutions were introduced to the market, the only way to add team logos to rubber platforms were produced with water jet technology, an expensive and limited option.